Answers to your Questions

We’d love to speak with you personally as every site has it’s own features and limitations but we hope the Q&As below help you to decide to get in touch soon.

Yes we take you from our initial meet, recommendation, quote, installation, and commissioning. (See more about the process below)

Yes we do. On site we will do a site assessment, discuss the budget, recommend pool type and size, explain Authority obligations, and follow up with an all-inclusive Quote.

From our meeting to a Quote takes about a week. Manufacturers lead time vary but this period gives us the opportunity to organise Authority Approval and conduct the associated pool works. From pool delivery and install we will have you swimming in no time.

Every situation is individually assessed, but typically a straight forward install costs around $10,000.

Yes we can. We are all about providing you with a competitively priced ‘one stop shop’.

None, all of the costs will be included in your quote, so there won’t be any nasty surprises at the end.

Yes, our QBCC license is a legal requirement for all installers including associated works. This ensures you are dealing with a genuine and reputable company.

Yes, the ‘Studio’ Precast Concrete Pool is 3.6 x 2.2 which would be the perfect option for a smaller yard.

No, We only need 1.0m opening to get a little machine into your yard to dig for the pool or if above ground the associated footing system. We would then use a crane to lift the pool into your yard to dig for the pool and the associated footing/support system.

Yes, we can put a pool in on any terrain. We have built custom steel or concrete/block frames to fully support the Shipping Container or Precast Concrete Pool.

We do all relevant paperwork and approvals for your pool.