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Quick Dip?

We are a one-stop shop that will take you from meeting at your home, assisting with the choice between a

Precast Concrete Pool or
Shipping Container Pool (SCP)

complete Authority documentation, installation and associated works, through to commissioning.

Our range of award-winning precast concrete plunge pools and container pools allow for the fastest, easiest, and highest quality lifestyle upgrades.

Get in contact with us to discuss your backyard dream pool but here are some quick Q&As to get you started.

Yes we take you from our initial meet, recommendation, quote, installation, and commissioning. (See more about the process below)

From meeting to a Quote typically will take about a week. The manufacturers lead time on the pool of choice varies. Precast Concrete Pools require typically 6 weeks while Shipping Container Pools 8 weeks. During this lead time we can organise Authority approval and conduct the associated works in preparation for the pool install.

None, all of the costs will be included in your quote, so there won’t be any nasty surprises at the end.

Yes, our QBCC license is a legal requirement for all installers including associated works. This ensures you are dealing with a genuine and reputable company.

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The Process - How We Do Things

Let's Talk

On the phone, we'll discuss what you have in mind, pool options and budget

Meet at Your Home

We will visit you to personally discuss options, design considerations and access limitations.

Get a Quote

We will provide you with a comprehensive and all inclusive Quote and associated Contract.

Ordering your Pool

We can order and schedule your pool directly from the manufacturer.

Draft a Concept Plan

Your plan including associated fees will be lodged with our Building Certifier.

Pool Installation

Building work will be completed including all equipment and any associated works.


After all work is completed we'll organise the inspection and approval.

Time for a Quick Dip!

Enjoy your new pool experience

We are professional, licensed builders specialising in residential pool installations and their associated works.

Get in contact with us now to discuss your particular situation and which Quick Dip Pool would be great for your family.

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